Who are we?

We showcase the best in design, branding, architecture, marketing and advertising from the world of public transport.

Launched in May 2012, transportdesigned aims to bring you awesome, interesting and inspiring content from around the globe. We’re not a ‘trainspotting’ site – there’s already plenty of those around – and we’re not confined to road or rail transport, either.

We’ll be picking apart marketing campaigns, product/service launches, events and much more. You’ll see some of the most interesting and inspiring work from some of the most influential transport brands on the planet. And sometimes, just sometimes – we’ll be bringing you golden little nuggets of joy which may just inspire your next endeavour.

If you spot something brilliant, and you just have to tell us about it, there’s a number of ways of getting in touch.

The easiest way? Try tweeting @transportdsn.
There’s also our Facebook page – why not like us?
And finally, you can also email – transportdesigned@live.co.uk.

So, who actually runs transportdesigned?

TD was created by me; Matt Harrison. I maintain and blog for transportdesigned in addition to working in a busy university Marketing department. Contact details are available at about.me/mattpharrison – feel free to drop me a line.

Transportdesigned will be inviting guest contributors later in 2013.


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