People-eaters: world’s biggest coaches

Following the recent introduction of Stagecoach’s Plaxton Interdeck Elite-i on Megabus UK work, we thought we’d compile some of the world’s largest buses and coaches for your viewing pleasure!

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3 responses to “People-eaters: world’s biggest coaches

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  2. I think you’re confusing the numbers of seats with the total number of passengers carried, although even some of those seem rather unrealistic. The claimed capacity of a two section artic is around 150, so the three section Youngman vehicle might perhaps achieve 220 – although the 150 seems to be a theoretical figure based on the maximum load that the axles can cope with, rather than the number of real people that can actually be shoe-horned into the bus.

    Similarly a rigid Neoplan Skyliner usually has about 80 seats in 12m form, so the Jumbocruiser will not have as many as 170.

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